New Work Visa Procedure

Q: How can I obtain a new Japanese work visa?   The entire process to obtain a new work visa (or other re […]

Register Baby Birth

All births in Japan must be registered within 14 days of the child being born.   When a foreigner residin […]

Highly Skilled Visa

Q: What is the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa, and what merits are there in applying for one?   […]

Investor Manager Visa Requirements | English Speaking Lawyer

Q: I am a foreigner in Japan. I am thinking of starting my own business. What requirements do I need to meet i […]

Start a Company in Japan

Q: I am a foreigner living in Japan. I am thinking of starting my own company. What issues do I need to be awa […]

Re-entry Permit

Q: I am a foreigner living in Japan. I have been told that I no longer need to obtain a re-entry permit to ret […]

Immigration Law Change

As many of you may be aware, there will be a major change in the Immigration Law of Japan, effective as of Jul […]


謹賀新年   昨年は格別 の御厚情を賜り、厚く御礼を申し上げます。 本年も、皆様にご満足頂けるサービスを心がける所存でございます。   皆様のご健勝と益々のご発展をお祈り致します。 本年もどうぞ宜しくお願い申し上げます。


2011年もいよいよ残すところ僅かとなりました。   本年は、文字通り「激震」の一年となり、多くの「光」が失われたことに心を痛めた年でもありました。 明くる年が、皆様にとって希望の光で満ち溢れる一年となりますよう、お祈り […]

Work Visa in Japan: Employing Foreigners (2)

This is the second part of the entry in which I hope to cover the outline of the immigration procedures involv […]

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