Free Consulting at the Chiyoda-Ku City Hall

The Chiyoda Branch of the Tokyo Gyosei-Shoshi Association held its annual free consultation on the first floor […]

Free Consultation on Succession

A free consultation session on succession was held on the Hiyoshi Campus of Keio University, as part of the an […]

Topics: Anti-Social Forces Restriction Ordinance (Tokyo)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Enacts Anti-Social Forces Restriction Ordinance   The Tokyo Metropolitan Governm […]

News Column Installed

Legaport Legal Support Office has installed a news column on its website. 当事務所のホームページ上にニュース欄を新設しました。

Japanese Visa | Legaport (Legal + Port)

Our office name “Legaport” is a mixture of the words “Legal” and “Port”. O […]

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