China Business Visa

Chinese Visa for Business Trips


To enter China for business, a visa is required for all foreigners residing in Japan.

(* Citizens of Japan, Singapore and Brunei with an ordinary passport are exempted from a visa for up to 15 days)




There are different types of visa issued by the Chinese government depending on the number of entries, validity and duration of stay.


Number of Entries: visas that allow single entry or multiple entry (multiple visas allow the holder to enter and exit multiple times on the same visa during the validity of the visa) .


Validity: May choose from 30 days, 90 days, 1year or 10 years (10 years a new option available only for US nationals, based on remaining term of passport and blank passport pages).

Travelers may enter China before the expiration of the visa.


Duration of Stay: refers to the maximum number of days permitted to stay per visit. Generally 30 days. 90 days are only granted in exceptional cases requiring mid-term stays.


*Required passport validity length differs with the type of visa you choose. Minimum is 6 months, when applying for the shortest visa.





2 business days after preparing and receiving all documents (expedited visa fee of additional 3,000 yen).

*same day visa issuance can be arrange for an additional cost

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