New Visa Type: Nursing Care

Revised Immigration Act : “Registered Nurse(Aged Care)” added to working visa

The cabinet approved on March 6th to create a new working visa type for Registered Nurses and Caregivers in Japan.

This is targeted to exchange students studying nursing care in designated Japanese universities or vocational schools (378 schools nationwide as of April,2014).Those who have passed the national exam after graduation will be eligible to apply for this visa.


Under the current law, registered nurses and care givers from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam only were allowed to work in Japan.

With this new visa category, a qualified person from any National will have the opportunity to work in Japan.


About 900 job opportunities is expected in Nursing Facilities nationwide.

Once the visa is granted, you can extend your residence status like any other working visa.


The new act is expected to be implemented sometime this year.