Register Baby Birth

  • All births in Japan must be registered within 14 days of the child being born.


  • When a foreigner residing in Japan gives birth to a child in Japan, the necessary steps which must be taken are:


  1. 1) Registering the birth of your baby at the local government office (ward office, etc.)
  2. 2) Reporting birth to your Native Country (to the foreign embassy in Japan)
  3. 3) Applying for Status of Residence (visa) at the local immigration office


  • Procedures:

  • STEP 1) Register birth with the local government office


  • You must register the birth within 14 days of the child being born at the local government office (ward office, etc.) where you reside.


  • Documents needed for the registration:


  • a. Birth Certificate issued by the hospital where the child was born
  • b. Maternity Passbook (can be obtained at local ward office)
  • c. Identification of the Parents (Passport and Residence Card)
  • d. Birth Registration Form (attached to the birth certificate, must be filled out and signed)


  • Proof of birth registration will be issued, which is needed for the next step in acquiring the Status of Residence (visa).


  • STEP 2) Report Birth to your Native Country

  • In the case where your child has another nationality other than Japan, you must register the birth and issue passport at your native country’s embassy in Japan.


  • STEP 3) Acquire Status of Residence (visa)


  • After the birth has been registered, if your child does not have Japanese citizenship, it is necessary to go through a procedure at the Immigration Office to acquire a new visa for your baby. If you are too busy to go yourself, this procedure can be handled by accredited visa agents in Japan.


  • The application to acquire status of residence (visa) must be submitted to Immigration within 30 days of the child being born. This procedure is not necessary for babies who will not be staying in Japan for more than 60 days after birth.


  • Required documents at the time of application include those related to your child’s birth, ID documents (passports and residence cards) of the parents, documents proving the ability to support the child, etc. However, if your baby’s passport is not ready at this point, there is no need to show it at that time of application.


  • The procedure will takes about one month, and your baby’s residence card will be issued when you visit the Immigration Office again to pick up the result. If you were not able to present your baby’s passport at the time of application, you will need to present it at the time of picking up the result.